Our Firm's History

Avance was initiated 7 years ago with a core area of specialisation into Pharma, Biotech and R&D and over the years, as a natural progression has diversified into Food, Nutrition, Consumer Healthcare and FMCG. We have created a large network of candidates from all these areas having sourced talent for positions like Director Marketing, Legal Head, Regulatory Head, Medico Marketing, SBU Head, CRAMS, Business Strategy, CFO, National Sales Head, Branch Manager etc.

Avance works with leading Indian Organizations and multinationals to provide high level of influence access and to the best leadership talent in the country. The healthcare practice is an area of significant focus for Avance and comprises two senior consultants and significant research staff and capability.

We have developed significant competency and capability in Pharma , healthcare and CRO domain and have worked with leading Indian and multinational organizations in helping them build leadership teams in this domain. We have developed in house expertise in this specialist practice and have deployed significant resources in developing international data bases and intellectual capital, to serve clients in this domain.