Over past 12-15 yrs CRO industry has developed faster than pharmaceutical industry Annual growth rates of on average >10% Within this period the market has changed dramatically M&A activities Limitations in health care spending Generic competion CRO industry is now facing cost conscious and well structured clients

Main Challenges
No definition of concise company goals and objectives Lack of differentiation from other competitors Outgrown management structures Lack of cost-consciousness (change-order mentality) Contract Review & Closure by the CROs Constant conflict of “please the client” and commercial interest of the CRO No professional contract review performed Lack of understanding of complete pharmaceutical development processes (silo thinking) Quality issues due to inconsistent Quality tools and systems Insufficient regulatory/ multicultural know-how leading to flawed feasibility analyses lack of “local” regulatory knowledge misjudgement of local medical culture Not being in the pool of “Preferred providers” Introduced by most major players in the pharmaceutical industry Favours 3-5 of the top 10 CROs to receive RFPs No strategic Business development/ marketing Many of the small to medium sized CROs have no consistent marketing story New business opportunities are not based on a structured client approach, but opportunistic coincidence

Avance Services:
Review / re-engineer processes and related SOPs Review/Development of “bid grid templates” Advice/Implementation for/of strategic employment and office placement strategy Strategy for the best selection of free lancers and (regulatory) subcontractors “Niche“ definition Development of a client intelligence platform Establishment of Business Development processes Mediator in contract negotiations Development of “contract policy”: “wish list” versus “deal breakers”